FDSG works with a number of Non-Profit organizations to help serve the social needs of their communities through new and renovated facilities.

P3 building of social needs housing

With extensive experience in developing student housing using a private funding model, FDSG has leveraged this knowledge to work with a number of Non-Profits to solve the housing crisis in our communities. These housing facility needs include Supportive Housing, Housing for Homeless Youth, Continuing Care for Mentally Impaired, those with debilitating disabilities and old age.

Current projects include housing for homeless youth, low income housing, housing to address the long term care of mentally impaired individuals including autism, Alzheimer’s and those with brain injuries.

Non-Profit organizations typically are stressed to support the operations of mission critical activities and do not have the experience or expertise to develop new facilities when the need arises. FDSG is prepared to partner with Non-Profit organizations to provide the assistance needed to get new facilities put in place.