Our unique, simple approach to facilities development:


The Process:
FDSG’s structure of using a non-profit corporation facilitates a “bridge” ownership of the facility and takes the profit motive out of that ownership thus providing great benefits to our clients. The non-profit corporation is able to secure private funding, execute architectural, engineering, construction and commissioning services, and then provide facility management services to maintain and extend the asset’s value.

The Benefit:
Through the non-profit corporation, our clients are able to access many different forms of financing including tax-exempt bond financing, making the acquisition of funds less costly. The non-profit also provides a vehicle for loans and grants to augment project needs. Bonds associated with the project are not a direct financial obligation of our client, instead they are an obligation of the non-profit, the entity formed to execute the project in its entirety.

The Outcome:
This finance approach is designed to have little to no impact on our client’s balance sheet or debt capacity. This enables our clients to pursue their mission critical activities without having their debt capacity impacted by the costs of developing new capital projects.

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