Facilities Development Services Group provides real estate management services by coordinating facility leasing, maintenance, operations, and capital repair and assuring compliance of financial reporting.

Lease agreement FDSG
Facility leasing is accomplished through a Ground Lease and a Facility Use Agreement. FDSG assures compliance of the terms and conditions of these agreements.

Maintenance & Operations FDSG

Maintenance and operations are handled through agreements with our clients or are performed by FDSG.

Capital Repair FDSG

Capital repair is handled through agreements with our clients. A detailed, life-cycle, cost analysis of capital repair items are agreed to up-front and the costs and management of repairs are handled through the lease agreement by FDSG or our client.


Reporting FDSG

FDSG assures compliance with Bond disclosure requirements of Financial Reporting and Bond covenants by working with the Non-Profit and our client throughout the year.