EFDS Arizona
EFDS creates solutions for educational institutions to privately fund, build and manage facilities to better serve their community. EFDS was created to address new capital projects needed by the educational community when public funding was not available. Our first project was to privately develop and fund two public middle schools.
We have extensive experience in Early Childhood Development facilities, K12, Higher Education with sustainable 21st century facility design.

Stemming from our work in the development of Montessori schools and 21st century designed K12 facilities, EFDS has evolved from the more traditional Pre-K facility to Early Childhood Development facilities. Focusing on infant through Grade 2 provides for better development outcomes. Developing facilities that augment and enhance Early Childhood Development programs are unique to EFDS’ solutions. 

Higley USD Cooley Middle School

EFDS’ first project was the development of two privately funded public middle schools. We are working on all aspects of the K12 environment including new facilities, renovation of existing facilities and development of surplus property. We work in both the public school market including Charter schools and in the private market including Montessori and Faith-based educational facilities. We have recently focused on developing K12 facilities that are designed to augment and enhance a 21st century learning program.

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The structural model that EFDS uses came from experience in building over 8,000 beds of student housing and the evolution of the contracting methodology using private development and financing. As a result, the current EFDS model provides the absolute best value possible to our clients. While we have tremendous experience in student housing, we also work in academic buildings, sports complexes, conference centers, parking structures, university owned medical facilities and hospitality. We service both the public and private higher education markets, community colleges and technical institutes.