Case Study

Desert Garden Montessori School

Property Evaluation, Planning and Purchase

The Process: 

EFDS provides a holistic planning and implementation approach to siting a project. Finding the right piece of land for a project from all perspectives; feasibility, financing, location, environment, amenities, market demand and a property that will enhancing the overall project’s intended purpose is critical to a successful outcome.  Every project should receive this attention to siting, but in no case is this more important than it is for a Montessori school. EFDS, engaged as the developer in late 2014 for the Desert Garden Montessori, took on the challenging task for finding the perfect piece of property in a very mature real estate market.

Over a period of 13 months, EFDS surveyed a three city area looking for the perfect piece of property. Not just property that was for sale, but any property that met the criteria for the siting of a Montessori school. Over one hundred properties were chosen to vet, eight formal offers were made and turned down before the gem was unearthed. With the property sale agreement now in negotiations, the vision and development of a true gem for the Desert Garden Montessori School is coming to life.

The Outcome: 

This holistic planning and implementation approach to siting a project by an experienced real estate planning and development team is designed to assure a successful outcome. Not every project receives the care and painstaking process that EFDS goes through and not every project is as successful as ones developed by EFDS. One only has to view the video to get a complete understanding of what EFDS’s real estate planning and development team provides and how valued our process is to our client.

“An incredible journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – in the right direction.”